The Past Is Just A Story We Tell Ourselves


“Her” | the score by Arcade Fire | Listen HERE

My Notion:

“Her” by Spike Jonze both uplifted and destroyed me. I had just gone through a break up and was weary about going to see a film that would obviously make me sad. But I went because for months I had been looking forward to viewing it on a big movie screen in all its glory.

I’m glad I went. It’s eccentric. Maybe too eccentric for some people, but  I’m a fan of eccentricity. I think “Her” is an important creation with new ideas and the reconstruction of old concepts about love, how it makes us feel and how we think about it.

“The past is just a story we tell ourselves.” – Samantha

Plus, Arcade Fire’s score, the framing, the color scheme and the lighting of each shot is A+ material. It won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars! If you haven’t seen this Spike Jonze love story, please go with an open mind and open heart.


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