The ‘Clueless’ Revival


The 1995 classic teen movie “Clueless” has made an aggressive comeback. Starting in 2013 (maybe even 2012),  there has been an explosion of “Clueless” fashion, quotes on crop tops and an endless amount of Buzzfeed articles. Tumblr also boosted it to a “Mean Girls” status of prime rebloggable gifs and photos. These blast from the past movies have always nestled into a special place in our hearts, but what I find interesting is how they resurface and  influence modern trends.

Just when I thought I was over “Clueless”-inspired anything, Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea released her video for “Fancy” feat. Charli XCX last week. At first I wanted to be like “As if!” *cue eye roll*, but then I watched how Iggy’s recreation featured some of the best moments of the flick. The attention to detail is crisp and I can’t deny that I’m a fan.

This video: ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’
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Fun fact about “Clueless” – It’s a parody of Jane Austen’s novel “Emma.”


One thought on “The ‘Clueless’ Revival

  1. I love it! I think it was a awesome idea…plus I love iggy anyways…so I’d rate this one a…..8 but I most deff gotta say I do like her song “Work” just a tiny bit more better but idk it could just be cuz how they play it all tha time.


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