Bouquets To Art

bouquets to art

New life is blooming at the de Young in San Francisco. I admit, I’ve grown bored of this fine arts museum’s permanent collection. I think high school field trips burned me out. But the Bouquets to Art spruced up these classic pieces. For the 30th anniversary of this annual springtime exhibit, floral designers used their own interpretations to recreate a number of works from the permanent collection.

It was fun to view the exhibit for the first time with my family and a friend. I saw a few of my favorite flowers, including tulips, incorporated in several pieces and discovered some pretty exotic looking ones. Apart from the exhibit, I loved revisiting the architecture and design of the de Young. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the museum. Look how happy I am while sitting on this funky bench:

I’m a bigger fan of modern art or art that’s a little peculiar, so here are two non-floral pieces.


To end our visit, we took an elevator to the top of the de Young tower. Look at this gorgeous view! The Golden Gate Bridge is peeking out over the hills.


If you’re in the San Francisco / Bay Area, the last day to view Bouquets to Art is March 23.


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