A Peek At The Ice Cream Bar

the ice cream bar

Did you say soda jerks in bow ties and alcoholic fountain sodas? SIGN ME UP.

I’m the kind of gal that swoons over anything vintage and neo-retro. The dapper style, simplicity  and attention to detail is what charms me. This is why my eyes lit up when I came across The Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco. The 1930s-style soda fountain and lunch counter is a Cole Valley neighborhood hub that serves food, sweet treats and drinks with a smile and a wink.

The lunch counter menu is limited, but boy-oh-boy did it take me a while to decide what kind of creamy goodness I wanted to try. And I’m not just talking about a long list of choices for ice cream scoops, sundaes, floats, milkshakes and sandwiches. What sets The Ice Cream Bar apart from other shops is that they have fountain sodas with alcohol and flavored sodas made with soda water and herbal extracts. There are even options that include acid phosphate and lactart (whoa, interesting). To place the cherry on top, these remedies are handcrafted and the ice cream is house made. Here, drool over the menu for a minute.

I ordered a grilled cheese and a Dublin Honey. Drink Ingredients: Guinness, caramelized honey ice cream – Valrhona chocolate syrup –  a float of Graham’s 10 year old tawny port.


Guinness is a dry stout that has a burnt flavor, but the honey ice cream sweetened up the bitterness. Holy boozy dessert, it was tasty. I definitely want to revisit this classic eatery. Maybe I’ll have a modern-day James Dean sitting across from me next time.



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