Here x There 02: Hello 2 A.M.

here x there 02

You planned on going to sleep at a decent time for once. But here you are at 2 a.m. again. Your body and eyes start to ache. You feel drained, but oddly wired at the same time. Something is keeping you awake. A project. A conversation. Netflix. Twitter. Your thoughts. All of the above. Long gone are the days of sleeping at or before midnight.  Or when you do, it’s because you’re either 1) sick, 2) still awake and staring at your ceiling or a glowing mobile device, or 3) incredibly disciplined.

2 a.m. is a strange place because your thoughts become more noticeably hyperactive and there isn’t a mute button for them. How inconvenient. Maybe it’s better that we can’t mute them though, no matter how overwhelming they are. Whether ordinary or obscure, some of our greatest realizations arrive in the middle of the night.

This playlist is a summary of 2 a.m. thoughts and the music my contributors and I listen to when we actually attempt to sleep. Listen and then please go get some rest tonight.


01. “The Moon Song” (Studio Version Duet) – Karen O. and Ezra Koenig
02. “Prehistoric” – Now, Now
03. “All I Know” – Washed Out
04. “Caught Inside” – Bad Things
05. “Fall In Love” – Phantogram
06. “Rome” – Snowmine
07. “Sea Of Voices” – Porter Robinson
08. “Youth” – Daughter
09. “Lights Out, Words Gone” – Bombay Bicycle Club
10. ” Løb Stop Stå” – Boom Clap Bachelors feat. Coco O.
11. “Talk Is Cheap” – Chet Faker
12. “Emmanuel” – Basecamp
13. “What You Need” – The Weeknd
14. “Awake” – Tycho

Listen here

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