I Can See You


When  I was a kid, my eye doctor always nodded approvingly at my sharp eye sight. When 5th grade arrived, the world around me started becoming a tad blurry. But as a naive little girl, I looked forward to purchasing my first pair of glasses. I thought they were the coolest thing. Probably because my mom wore them.

So, I got my first pair. They were thin and my favorite color (at the time), blue. Fast forward to the 7th grade and I hated wearing glasses. They were annoying to wear in the rain. I didn’t like how I looked in them. And even when I bought hipper looking frames, the cool effect had worn off. Eventually I got contacts and have worn them ever since, using my glasses as a backup.

But there was always a particular pair of thin frames that I adored. They were the big sunglasses my mom had worn in the ’80s and as a fan of funky accessories, I had my eye on them.  Speckled with pink, yellow, purple and blue, they looked like confetti. Last year, I approached my mom about them and she decided to pass them down to me. After having the prescription changed, I’m revisiting my love for glasses by sporting them almost every day.

These frames definitely make a statement. Probably why I love them so much.


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