Current Observations

current observations

A couple weeks ago, I saw this post by Breanne Rose about her current observations (she also got the idea from another blogger). I thought it would be a neat exercise to fill out in order to make simple observations about what’s currently going on in my life (which is a whole lot of stuff). I encourage you to fill this out, even if you just jot it down on a piece of paper!

MAKING / writing cover letters.
COOKING fish and rice.
DRINKING tea, always.
READING “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.”
LOOKING for a full time job.
PLAYING “Bridges” – Broods.
WASTING hours of sleep.
SEWING nothing because I always forget how!
WISHING for a successful 2nd half of 2014.
ENJOYING time with friends.
WAITING for my college graduation.
LIKING crop tops and high waisted skinnies.
WONDERING what moves to make.
LOVING my beat up white sneakers.
HOPING things work out.
MARVELING at new music discoveries.
NEEDING a massage.
SMELLING fresh flowers.
WEARING skinnies / “Killin It” crop top.
FOLLOWING my heart and my gut.
NOTICING character flaws.
KNOWING myself more.
THINKING about a boy.
BOOKMARKING design and lifestyle blogs.
OPENING a million files for projects.
GIGGLING at Emma Stone lip synch battle.
FEELING overwhelmed but excited.

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