dale Premieres Video for “Tame”


Say hello to a saucy older gentleman and his nostalgia for days of his youth. dale, a Los Angeles-based rock band, has released a music video for its track “Tame,” from the band’s debut EP “Love, Dale.”

Point A of the video places us in a senior living home where the gentleman, a rather rebellious resident, cranks up the volume for “Tame” on a stereo. He gets lost in fond memories of the 1970s as he taps along to the song on his thighs, hides in a bathroom to smoke a joint and cracks open, assumably, a can of beer, despite the disapproval of a male nurse.

Eventually the main character moseys off and finds himself at a house party. And who does he run into? An old love from the ’70s. Big props to the video team, because the concept of this video is a fun interpretation of “Tame”‘s snarky lyrics.

Personally, I’m extremely proud of dale’s growth, and it was especially fun for me to be at the video shoot.

Is this video for “Tame” YAY or NAY?
Let’s chat below in the comments.


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