La Roux Is Back With “Let Me Down Gently”

la roux

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve listened to La Roux. In 2009, I became a big fan of “Bulletproof” and eventually gained a finer appreciation of the group’s self-titled album. But when they disappeared into hiatus land, they also disappeared from my radar. Fortunately, La Roux is back with a new song and will be releasing its second studio album, “Trouble In Paradise,” on July 7.

The new track “Let Me Down Gently” is an excellent “we’re back” introduction that may reinvest my attention.  It’s brooding, yet still makes me want to dance. With a background of flowing synth, lead singer Elly Jackson is pining for the affection of someone. It’s an honest representation of what it’s like to fall for someone and then realize they’re not quite as into you as you are into them. When Jackson sings, “Let me in for a minute. You’re not my life, but I want you in it,” I’m sitting here saying “Oh, come on!” It’s like she read my mind and turned my thoughts into song.

“Let Me Down Gently” doesn’t have an official music video yet, but you can check out the audio below:

Do you give “Let Me Down Gently” a YAY or NAY?
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