Nook Häus: The End Of An Era

Nook Haus

Two years ago, we moved in together. For two years, we became a family. While living in Nook Häus with eight people sounds incredibly rough, it wasn’t. It wasn’t always easy (some drama, some mess, some terrible neighbors), but I made some of my favorite memories at USC with these kids (and others who stayed with us as visitors and temporary replacements).

End of semester potlucks. Enough hilarious quotes to fill a book. DTLA adventures. Photo shoots. Making fun of each other’s quirks. Current event discussions. Asian drama shows. Baked goods provided by Chris’ mom. Movie nights. Game of Thrones nights. I’ll miss the Häus, but I have our reunions to look forward to!

Some of us (including myself) are moving out this week (my roommate of four years already did — *major sad face*) while some will hold down the fort through July. It’s sad, but the next chapter of our lives are upon us. We’ll keep killin’ it, whether we’re in California, in another state or in another country.

Nook Häusians, if you’re reading this, I love you.


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