Off To The Vans Warped Tour I Go

Storage Space

Moving and packing are two of my least favorite things to do. Unfortunately, it had to be done. I moved out of my Los Angeles home, filled a storage space, packed my car to take the rest of my belongings to my family’s house, and then packed one suitcase and a backpack for Warped Tour. Just ONE suitcase for seven weeks. I’ve been quite stressed.

But now I’m off! Currently, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to San Diego and then Houston (Pre-TSA is freaking sweet by the way).

I’m hoping to update you on my Warped Tour adventures. I will be working as a Digital Media Manager for the Keep A Breast Foundation‘s Traveling Education Booth. Make sure to follow all of KAB’s social accounts and I’ll be updating my Twitter and Instagram frequently!

If you’re attending Warped, make sure to stop by the KAB Girlz Garage to say hi!


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