This One Time At Warped Tour – I Lived On A Bus With 17 Other People


Working Warped Tour was a dream of mine, so it’s surreal that I’m actually working every date of it. I admit, I was a nervous wreck, but the KAB crew and everyone I’ve met on the tour have been super helpful and friendly. It makes it so much easier to learn the ropes as a newbie roadie. The Warped Tour family bond is a strong one.

Here’s a break down of my typical Warped Tour day:

My days start around 6:30 a.m. (ish). I’m building some serious shoulder and arm muscles by setting up and tearing down the Keep A Breast Girlz Garage booth every day. I encourage people to take our #CheckYourSelfie pledge. I educate kids. I sell merch to kids. I photograph the happenings at the booth. I update Keep A Breast’s social media platforms. It’s a grueling day, but I’m having an incredible experience.

Tour Bus Life:
bus life

I live on a bus with 17 other people. Every morning I brush my teeth using water from a bottle. I climb in and out of a top bunk and store extra clothes under my bunk mat to lessen the amount of times I have to go through my suitcase.

After five days of living like this, I think I have my routine down to make it less complicated to get ready for the day, a shower and for bed.

In addition to embracing tour life, one of the guys bought chocolate milk for everyone and we had a day off today, so I am THRILLED.

Target Saves Lives:

target trips

In two days, we (plus Melanie) went to Target five times. That’s a new record for me. It was right down the street from the Houston venue AND had a Starbucks. Talk about a life saver because the humidity in Texas is no joke. An iced green tea with no sweetener never tasted so good.

More Warped Tour adventure updates to come!


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