This One Time At Warped Tour – A Wind Storm Hit Albuquerque

After a day off in Santa Fe, we woke up in our bus in Albuquerque for the fourth show of the tour. For once, the weather was pleasant and the surrounding area was beautiful. It was nice to have more scenery other than a parking lot or venue filled with stages, trucks and merch booths.
The KAB crew and the rest of bus GG deemed today the first Boobie Tuesday, which means we’ll all wear these sweet I Love Boobies socks once a week.
So, today was running smoothly weather wise, but then there were warnings of a storm. Boom. The wind, dust, rain and thunder struck. We tore our stuff down twice, then got the go ahead to completely breakdown. I deal with iPad surveys, taking photos and other technology-based jobs, so I'm officially the protector of electronics, especially during situations like today.
It wasn’t a major storm, but I sure miss California weather.


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