All Of The Sam Smith Feels

In The Lonely Hour

“Too much of a good thing, won’t be good for long.”

Sam Smith’s album “In The Lonely Hour” is finally in my possession. I’ve been streaming it on Spotify since its online release, but I enjoy having a physical copy for my collection. You better believe I’ll own it on vinyl one day.

Every time I listen to this mid-tempo album, I experience what has become known as “the feels.” It’s the lyrics. It’s the swelling of his vocals. It’s the addition of a choir. It’s the string section. I feel a plethora of emotions when I’m listening. This crooner is the male version of Adele. Damn. Don’t even get me started about how much I miss Adele and that soul-wrenching voice and and songwriting.

Back to Sam.

“In The Lonely Hour” is a beautiful album. If you’ve ever been in love, have had your heart broken, and/ or hope to experience love, this album is for you.

Tell me your thoughts. Are you a fan?
Comment below.



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