This One Time At Warped Tour – I Was Charmed By Neck Deep


Neck Deep Boobie Tuesday

It all started with a signing and I Love Boobies socks. I was first introduced to Neck Deep, a pop-punk band from the UK, when we began hosting their meet and greets in the Keep A Breast Girlz Garage. With their goofy wit and accents, I was charmed by them. It was always fun to have them in our tent, whether they were drawing Boobie doodles or sharing stories with us. These mischievous boys always stirred up laughter this summer.

My phone and camera are filled with silly photos of these lads. Here are a couple shots I snapped of the guys (plus Melanie and Ian) during the last two days of tour:

Dani Fil and Ian Dani and Fil - Neck Deep

neck deep 1

They opened for Blink-182 today. How rad is that?


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