Don’t Go Crying To Your Mama

Griffith Observatory

I looked out into the city and saw my gateway to opportunities and my promised land.

After a summer of living in a bubble of tour life, I have been catapulted  into the real world and no longer have the buffer of school or an internship. Here’s a time frame to put my recent schedule into perspective: Two and half days at home -> Three and a half days in Los Angeles to find a new apartment -> Three days at home before returning back to LA to officially move. Between gaining new financial responsibility and moving into a new place, I walked into a tornado of situations with minimal knowledge on how to handle them.

It’s been nerve wracking, but as Hayley Williams said, “Don’t go crying to your mama ’cause you’re on your own in the real world.” Although I am not alone and have a great support system, change can be unsettling, especially when there is a lot of it. But this is my chance to learn details about adulthood that school didn’t teach me. I’m entering a period of my life when I can develop my true independence.

I have spent this week setting up utilities, shopping for and building furniture and making a game plan for how I need to budget my life. The most terrifying aspect of all of this is the budget. I’ve never spent this kind of money before. 1) I never had this much money saved up and 2) I never had to handle these types of expenses. I’ve been overwhelmed and filled with anxiety because of everything I’ve had to pay for this week. Good thing I had my mom and best friend Janessa with me to make me realize that each purchase was an investment for me future.

I was fortunate to have my mom, Janessa and a couple other friends who took time out of their day to help me with this move-in process. I am also thankful for the others who offered to help. Cheers to transforming an empty space into a home. My roommate Nik and I can’t wait to finish setting everything up.

First installation: shower rod and curtain

shower curtain

Building the bed I’ve had since my childhood

building bed

 We were stoked to finally have something to sit on

building couch

couch process

 The kitchen has no drawers… Purchased a cart with one included

building cart

The living room is coming together!


Next up : finishing the unpacking process, decorating and starting a new job!

Does anyone have suggestions for places to buy decently priced decor, art / typography prints?
Comment below!


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