I Live For These Moments

The Satellite Photo credit: Ramon

The majority of life is about appreciating the little things. I live for moments:

At shows when I’m :
Dancing. Smiling. Laughing. Singing. Losing myself in the music. Watching people do the same.

At home when I’m:
Admiring the view of Downtown Los Angeles. Cooking healthy meals. Resting in a clean space. Binge watching a new favorite show. Feeling emotional during an indie flick on Netflix. Relying on Friends to be on every night. Enhancing my mind with a book. Sketching. Playing records.

At work when I’m:
Gaining trust and more responsibility. Learning in a creative and supportive environment. Brainstorming fresh ideas. Accomplishing a task. Helping someone with their dreams.

With pals when we’re:
Sending each other texts, gifs and snapchats when something reminds us of each other. Exploring somewhere new. Moving beyond small talk. Geeking out about common interests. Learning their quirks. Understanding differences. Falling in friend love.

With myself when I’m:
Expanding my knowledge. Understanding feelings. Discovering new interests. Falling in love with a song or quote. Deciding what I want out of life and going after it. Trying to be someone I can be proud of.

What moments do you live for?


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