Why do we trust?


We trust because we rarely have another choice. (Example: I trust that this guy is a pleasant dude and won’t harm me while I sit alone. He is trusting that I don’t stab him in the back.)

I’m currently sitting at the airport. I’m here much later than I was supposed to be. My flight was delayed. I landed back in Burbank to find out my bags were placed on another flight. Major bummer. Especially for my roommate who drove out here and now has to wait an extra hour for me.

So I’m sitting by myself and waiting, hoping, that my bags did in fact get on that last flight. Then it gets me thinking. Why do we trust?

Why do we trust people, technology and situations? For travel, we trust that we will arrive at our destination alive along with our personal belongings. When driving, we trust ourselves, and that the other drivers on the road will do their best to not crash into anything, especially us.

At restaurants and cafés, we trust that the establishment is sanitary and the meal was properly cooked. We cross our fingers the cooks washed their hands and the waiters didn’t spit in our food.

With relationships, we trust that the people we love will treat us kindly, fairly and honestly. We trust that our coworkers are working hard and with the good of the company in mind. For family, we’re born into strangers’ lives and forced to trust that they have our best interest in mind. For friends, we choose them and trust them to have our backs and keep all our secrets. For romantic partners, we trust that they are faithful and loving.

Trust is a crucial component of being able to function in this world. It’s sometimes given automatically. It’s sometimes earned and it’s sometimes lost.

Whether you’re giving it or receiving it, take care of that trust.


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