Pre-Dance Yourself Clean Playlist

guys, i just wanna dance

If music is playing, I’m that girl dancing in her seat, swaying while having a conversation, or at least tapping her foot. If there’s a dance party and no one else is dancing, I’ll be the first to say, repeatedly, “Guuuuys, I just wanna dance.” Call me John Travolta. I have Saturday Night Fever as soon as the first beat drops.

This past weekend, my roommate and I had a house warming party, sort of. With our place not the ideal location for hosting large gatherings, we met some of our closest friends at our place, guzzled a few (too many) drinks and headed out to The Satellite for its weekly indie-dance party called Dance Yourself Clean (yes, inspired by LCD Soundsystem).

I believe it’s necessary to have music at social gatherings, so I threw together some jams for the pre-game festivities. After receiving some requests for it, I’ve made the House Warming Playlist public. I like to listen to it on shuffle, so if you wanna do the same, open it up in Spotify, click ‘Playback’ in the menu and select shuffle. Or listen below and enjoy.

Favorite photos of the night:


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