Here x There 06: Thank You

here x there 06

“Thank you.” These two simple, yet powerful words, should be sincerely said every day. Say these words to your family, friends and even strangers. Show your appreciation for their support and help. One thing I’m very thankful for is music and the artists who create it. I love the way music brings people together, acts as a therapist and generates happy, positive vibes. This month, I asked contributors to send in songs they are thankful for, whether a song helped them through a tough time or has made them incredibly happy. Below is what we came up with. If you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a happy one!


01. “Be My Escape” – Relient K
02. “Everything Is Alright” – Motion City Soundtrack
03. “Happy and Poor” – Mixtapes
04. “The Pros And Cons Of Breathing” – Fall Out Boy
05. “That’s What You Get” – Paramore
06. “Always Like This” – Bombay Bicycle Club
07. “Pale Blue Eyes” – The Velvet Underground
08. “Safe With Me” – Sam Smith
09. “Kids” – Diarrhea Planet
10. “Saturday” – Fall Out Boy

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