’15 Soundtrack: January

January 2014 Playlist

Photo from Summer Heart’s “About A Feeling” album cover

When I fall in love with a new song or revisit an old favorite, I find myself gravitating toward it every day. It’s the first song I play in the morning, the one I keep going back to when answering emails, or the lullaby I hear when getting ready for bed. So I might start a “soundtrack series.” Think of me as an indie flick and the series is my soundtrack.

I’d like to point out one band from this month’s ’15 Soundtrack. I met the guys of Family Hahas at an acoustic night my pal hosted (hey Shab!!). Then another friend (yo Rudy!) brought the band and their new EP to my attention. Honestly, I had already heard it and was a fan of their work. So shout out to those guys. I hope to catch a show of theirs one day. The band’s track “Happy Accident” is listed in my playlist.


What’s in your soundtrack? Let’s chat in the comments.  


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