R U Mine?

don't be a coward

Modern dating is a lot like walking through a maze with a blindfold over your eyes. You’re given no direction, there are a lot of questions and you’re constantly strategizing. Through observation and experience, I’m becoming more familiar with the complexities of relationships and it still baffles me how unnecessarily complicated they can be. We’re conditioned to be (or try to be) blasé about it all. It’s a juggling act of acting cool and casual, yet interested and attached. Exhausting. I’m not programmed to be so nonchalant.

I was going to divulge a few details about my most recent tango with modern dating, but after typing and deleting words for a while, I decided it was best to be less of an open book. Long story short, it was a casual situation. One that was too hot and cold for me to handle, and it lacked a mutual understanding. I’m basically being ignored now and trying not to be too bummed about it. Nothing is enjoyable when bitter, so I’ll keep on keeping on. No point in dwelling on someone who isn’t dwelling on me.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I put together a playlist. It’s a mix as emotionally confusing as relationships.


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