’15 Soundtrack: February

years and years
From Album Cover of Years & Years EP

February was hectic. I blamed Mercury in retrograde for most of the letdowns, the breakdowns, and the exhaustion, until it ended and the chaos continued through the second half of the month. February wasn’t completely tainted by bad juju though. I also had a lot of great moments. I worked the GRAMMY Awards, enjoyed Valentine’s Day with a gal pal, celebrated birthdays, reunited with friends, made new friends, and took on challenges that taught me a lot and rewarded me in the end.

This month’s ’15 Soundtrack doesn’t necessarily represent the kind of month I had, but it does include songs that helped salvage my sanity. Listen on Spotify, enjoy and share.


 “Gold” – Imagine Dragons
“Take Shelter” – Years & Years
“Smile” – Mikky Ekko
“Headphones” – Mounties
“The Tune of Letting Go” – Satellite Stories
“The Bug” – Bear Hands
“Sidekick” – Walk The Moon
“Halo” – The Pass
“Hold On” – Yellow Ostrich
“All The Time” – Bahamas
“True Affection” – Father John Misty
“All I See” – Bondax
“Sleepless” –  Flume feat. Jezzabell Doran
“This Is What It Feels Like” – Banks
“Mango Tree” – Angus & Julia Stone
“la song – demo” – Lewis Watson
“Looking Too Closely” – Fink
“Ghost” – Yellow Ostrich
“Nitesky” – Robot Koch feat. John LaMonica

What have you been listening to?


2 thoughts on “’15 Soundtrack: February

  1. Oooo, I’ve been listening to a lot of Years & Years. They’re so good. Also Jon Bellion, Purity Ring, “Fairly Local” – twenty one pilots, “America” – Xylo, “Hunger” – Sam Sure. Gonna queue up your playlist cause I need some new songs!


    1. I’ll be seeing Years & Years on Wednesday. Super excited for it. The new Purity Ring album is ace. twenty one pilots = always incredible. Sam Sure is great too. You have a great taste in music! I’ll be posting the my March Soundtrack before the month is over 🙂


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