’15 Soundtrack: April

Photo by Shabnam Ferdowsi
Photo by Shabnam Ferdowsi

April has been a month of little sleep, an unhealthy diet and STRESS. But I am alive and I am handling it. It truly blows my mind to see how much the body and mind can endure. After feeling like my body was shutting down this week, I was reminded that I need to take better care of myself. Sometimes you just need to listen to your body when it’s screaming “YO, TAKE A CHILL PILL.”

Music is typically what maintains my sanity. That and a lot of hot green tea. People often ask me what I’m listening to, which is why I like to share these playlists aka my personal soundtracks. I highly recommend the new The Wombats album. It’s ace.

I hope you enjoy the April edition of ’15 Soundtrack! You can listen to and follow this playlist on Spotify. Cheers!


“Tongues” – Joywave feat. KOPPS
“The Business of Emotion” – Big Data feat. White Sea
“Karaoke” – Smallpools
“Be Your Shadow” – The Wombats
“Lean On” – Major Lazor feat. MØ
“Sick For Me” – Big Data feat. Bear Hands
“9 to 5” – Smallpools
“Your Body Is A Weapon” – The Wombats
“The Wild Life” – Vacationer
“Got To My Head” – Waters
“Keep Your Head Up” – Ben Howard
“Stand By Your Gun” – George Ezra
“Blue Bucket of Gold” – Sufjan Stevens
“Fallingforyou” – The 1975
“Smother” – Daughter

What are you listening to?


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