’15 Soundtrack: May

23Photo taken by Courtney Coles

May is my favorite month for a simple reason. It’s my birthday month. Although there’s nothing special about turning 23, since most of the fun birthdays have happened already, I’m still a fan of celebrating life. We go through a lot as humans. Making it to another year should be considered a victory.

While a lot of incredible things happened during May (great shows, fun hangs and new opportunities for my clothing brand Hours Lost), I also had a tough time. I almost had a breakdown because of work. A boy I used to think highly of turned into a ghost and has completely disregarded my existence. A friend is also ghosting me. It’s a pretty terrible feeling, but I try to focus on the good in my life and the art of letting go. Yes, I am not always the happiest person, I am sensitive, and I feel too much sometimes (side note: I’m really excited about Jamie Tworkowski’s new book “If You Feel Too Much“). But I wake up every day and say to myself, “Do better. Be better.”

I hope you are doing well. Mercury is in retrograde, so be careful out there! It’s a tricky lil’ devil. Now for the good stuff. Here are the songs that helped me power through May.  You can listen to the playlist on Spotify, or check out the video links below.


Fall At Your Feet” – Saint Raymond
I Want You” – Saint Raymond
She’s A Dancer” – Youth Club
Cancel On Me” – Bombay Bicycle Club
Stick Around” – Kid Cadaver
Stressed Out” – twenty one pilots
“Goner” – twenty one pilots
Here” – Alessia Cara
You Should Be Here” – Kehlani
Shine” – Years & Years
I Can’t Keep Up” – Tourist feat. Will Heard
Sound & Color” – Alabama Shakes
Feeling Ok” – Best Coast
In My Eyes” – Best Coast
Kill The Director” – The Wombats

What are you listening to? Let’s chat in the comments.


One thought on “’15 Soundtrack: May

  1. Have you given the whole new twenty one pilots album a listen? It’s fantastic.
    I’ve been listening to a lot of Jon Bellion lately. Also some songs I’ve had on repeat: “The Honey” by Grace, “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell and “No Words” by Erik Hassle.
    “Do better, be better” is something I need to remind myself as well. I hope June treats you better.


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