’15 Soundtrack: July

'15 soundtrack: cruise July turned out to be a great month for connecting with new people and going on an actual vacation; one that left me unplugged with no wi-fi or cell service. Pictured above is my mom on her birthday, enjoying the freedom of the sea.

Going on a cruise and living on a ship gave me ample time to step back, think, and ultimately go with the flow of the day, which is a rare thing. The ocean is mysterious, vast and a little terrifying, but it’s also gorgeous, exciting and can be peaceful. Sounds pretty similar to what life’s like.

Luckily, music helps me find a balance and I definitely listened to some fantastic songs in July. I celebrated and danced when the highly anticipated Years & Years album “Communion” was released. I often played Frank Ocean’s “Channel Orange” in hopes of a new album that never came. Then I revisited old loves and came across some new favorites thanks to random playlists on Spotify. BTW, I’m still Team Spotify. Sorry Apple Music.

You can listen to ’15 Soundtrack: July on Spotify, or check out the video links below.


Border” – Years & Years
Leave A Trace” – CHVRCHES
When I’m Away” – The Colourist
Steps” – Handsome Ghost
Lost” – Frank Ocean
Gorgeous” – X Ambassadors
Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” – Cage The Elephant
Got To My Head” – Waters
Days” – The Drums
Human” – Daughter
Take Care” – Tom Rosenthal
Eyes Shut” – Years & Years
Teenage Crime” – Adrian Lux
Leave You” – Sir Sly
Hang On” – X Ambassadors

What are you listening to? Tell me in the comments.


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