’16 Soundtrack: January

Candi Pop
Photo by Say Cheese and Die at the launch of Candi Pop in Los Angeles.

I was probably dancing to either Spice Girls, *NSYNC or maybe S Club 7 in the above photo at Candi Pop, The Satellite‘s new monthly bubblegum pop dance party. That’s a far cry from what I listen to on a regular basis. Although, shout out to yung j for attending about eight *NSYNC concerts while in elementary school (thanks mom).

My music taste is diverse, but according to my Spotify Year In Music for 2015, these are my top genres:

Spotify Year In Music - Genres

Looks about right. I’m the type of person who falls in love with music that was probably first recorded in a garage and performed in a sweaty club in the UK by boys in tight jeans and short-sleeve collared shirts. Leather or denim jacket optional.

For the first month of 2016, my personal soundtrack includes a lot of music I discovered by falling down Spotify’s rabbit hole of related artists pages and recommendations from friends. Please enjoy and listen via my Spotify playlist, or by exploring the YouTube links below.


I Wear Glasses” – Mating Ritual
Blanket” – Oh, Be Clever
You Are The Right One” – Sports
Beat Of My Drum” – Powers
Feels” – Swimm
UGH!” – The 1975
Foulbrood” – Two Inch Astronaut
It Hurts Until It Doesn’t” – Mothers
New In Town” – Little Boots
I Think I Like You” – sirenXX
Manufactured Love” – Michael Blume
BITE” – Troye Sivan
Good For You (MOONZz Redo) – MOONZz
Be Apart” – Porches
Blue Bucket Of Gold” – Gallant and Sufjan Stevens

I hope your ears are happy (the 1:25 section of “Manufactured Love” is dreamy, am I right?) If you have some tracks you’re eager to share, please tell me about them in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “’16 Soundtrack: January

  1. So much yes to those first 6!!! I love those. And that’s a cool remix of Good for You, I’ll be getting that.

    If you haven’t heard them already, you may like:

    Bridge and the wall – Elohim
    Boomerang – She is we
    Where I wanna be – A r i z o n a
    Beat the sunrise – snbrn
    Different kind of love – kid runner
    Fire alarm – castlecorner
    Screaming colors – violet days
    Heartbreak heartbreak – selaphonic
    Brand new day – anthem Academy
    Kilimanjaro – Ninja safari

    That’s what I’m vibing to haha, maybe you’ll like it too


  2. Just followed you on Spotify! I’ve always thought our music tastes are similar and I always look forward to your music recommendations 🙂 I kinda like that Good For You remix more than the original…


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