’16 Soundtrack: February

February playlist for the ’16 Soundtrack series by Jenay Ross.



Time should be a system as open and free as we can try to make it. But I feel like I haven’t quite grasped how to navigate time in the same way I suggest on the brand mentality page for Hours Lost. I’m working on it.

February was an incredibly busy and stressful month. I won’t burden you with the details because being busy and stressed out is definitely not an original lifestyle, and there’s no need for me to drag on about it. I’d rather use this little post to say “Hey! That really sucked, but we made it through and accomplished a lot.”

Aside from some rough days (maybe weeks), I did find a lot of joy in February. Between fantastic live music, some solid new connections, time well spent with friends and family, and reunions with old pals, my social life has been at an all-time high. If you had any part in the above, my sanity thanks you. Seriously, I’m never shy to tell the world “I LOVE MY FRIENDS,” because you rule.

Here is my ’16 Soundtrack for February. You can listen to the playlist via Spotify, or try to find each track on whichever service you use to listen to music. These songs were mostly played as I roamed around LA in my hatchback, listened through my headphones at work, and danced around my apartment because I’ve had the place to myself for almost two weeks.


“Luxury Child” – Strange Names
“Clap Your Hands”  – Whilk & Misky
“Midway” – Bad Bad Hats
“Adult Diversion” – Alvvays
“Dissolve” – Hibou
“Sophie So” – Hippo Campus
“Happy Accident” – Family Hahas
“Anthony” – Run River North
“Back To School” – A Great Big Pile of Leaves
“Do Ya Thang” – Rihanna
“Geri” – Superhumanoids
“Winterbreak” – MUNA
“We Try But We Don’t Fit In” – Day Wave
“Weathered” – Jack Garratt
“Same Ol’ Mistakes” – Rihanna (Tame Impala cover)

What have you been listening to? Share with me in the comments section!

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