’16 Soundtrack : May and June

Photo by Ramon Smikle

I’ve experienced the worst month of my life, but I am here and moving forward. I’ll save the details for a much more in-depth blog post about how I came to be homeless (don’t worry, I’m crashing at a pal’s place). Long story short:

+ I had an apartment, then I didn’t. My belongings are currently scattered between three locations. I’ve cried in public. Multiple times (ugh). I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about California tenant laws. My friends and I fought to get our money back from a slumlord. I receive daily invites from so many incredible friends and acquaintances in Los Angeles, offering their couch for me to sleep on. I’ve lived in three different places within the last two weeks, and my mind, body and soul is completely exhausted by this. But, let’s end this short story on a high note – I started a dope new job at Create & Cultivate.

Now that you probably have a bunch of questions that I won’t answer at this time, it’s time for the music. Since life has been so messy lately, I couldn’t put together a soundtrack at the end of May, so here is a joint soundtrack for May and June!

It’s kind of a moody playlist, but nonetheless, there are  jams. Enjoy, and keep well.


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