’16 Soundtrack: July


Photo by Priscilla Hernandez

I like stability, and I’ve finally regained it. After a rocky June ended and July began, I exhaled the biggest sigh of relief. I’ve spent the majority of this month settling into my new apartment and turning my room into a personal haven. Let me tell you how good it feels to sleep in my own bed again. REAL GOOD. And it’s brand new and not twin size. I guess this is growing up.

Aside from reveling in the simple, yet glorious, situation of having a home again, I’ve spent my days working on Create & Cultivate, sorting out my feelings (you know ya girl has a lot of them) and celebrating birthdays. I’ve gathered a pretty great collection of memories from July.

Forewarning, my ’16 Soundtrack for this month is kind of heavy (with the feels) and admittedly a reflection of what’s going on in my noggin. But these tunes are class A, so listen up and just let whatever you feel happen. Your ears and soul will thank you.

I want to add – please go see Mitski at some point in your life because I watched her perform this month at the Echoplex and she blew me away. In addition to her being an absolute treat to listen to, it was refreshing to be a part of an attentive crowd that didn’t fill the room with chatter or spend the entire set filming shaky videos.

Now dive into the playlist below and enjoy! Please post some artists and/or tunes in the comments section as well because I’m eager to listen to something new.

Keep well.



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