’16 Soundtrack : August


Liberated by new beginnings, new challenges. Liberated by the desire to focus on my growth. Liberated by thriving.

There were a couple low points in August. They were times that forced me to hit the brakes in multiple areas of my life to process exactly what I was feeling, why I was feeling it and how to shatter the glass ceiling to move beyond it all. It worked.

I realized I was living in a cycle and it’s impossible to thrive when you’re looped back into the same situations and mindset. Life had become a subpar circus ring, and now it’s the right time to mosey/skip/leap down an unbeaten path.

In short, #liveyourbestlife.

After leaving you with that vague account of my life, here are the jams that soundtracked the very complex, eye-opening month of August. Enjoy, and please comment with any music suggestions! You know I’m always on the hunt for the new good-good.





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