Desert Days: Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

It was a long time coming, but I finally made it to the desert. After too many weeks of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, I took the opportunity of a visit from my mom to drive us out to Palm Springs for a weekend mother/daughter trip.

I already started feeling more at peace as our scenery changed from congested cities to open land. When we reached a farm of wind mills, I was fully ready for a few days of fresh air, quietness and a change of pace.

First stop, the Ace Hotel for lunch at King’s Highway. Although the two carnitas tacos I got for $15 didn’t blow my mind, the decor of the hotel property made my lil’ hipster heart happy. The Ace wasn’t our home for the weekend, but I was content with walking around and taking this #basic photo.

We filled the rest of our afternoon with exploring the town to find some of the most popular landmarks, walk the shops on Palm Canyon Drive and view some art at one of the Modernism Week exhibits at the Palm Springs Art Museum – Architecture and Design Center. Following the sound of a good time, we stopped by  Las Casuelas Terraza for drinks and live music. The other patrons were unafraid to boogie (my kind of people!), and the restaurant’s chips and guac paired perfectly with my piña colada. I’ve heard the rest of their menu is bomb too.



For day 2 in the desert, we drove about an hour and a half to the White Tank Campground in the Joshua Tree National Park  to explore its Arch Rock trail. This area was a dream playground with incredible rock formations, perfect for climbing on.

We had no cell service throughout Joshua Tree, which was perfect for truly disconnecting from the rest of the world and connecting with each fun moment in nature.

This visit was a huge bucket list item for me, so I took advantage of strolling around the peculiar and infamous yucca brevifolia.

On the trip back to Palm Springs, we took a detour to Pioneer Town in hopes of eating at Pappy and Harriet’s. We opted out of the 2.5 hour wait, and walked around their shops instead, including a used book store in a super cute barn with globe string lights and a little set up for a live band.

Back down in Yucca Valley, I swiftly pulled over after spotting a colorful building which ended up being the home for The End, a thrift store with a ton of fun trinkets and cool clothing items for men and women.

Now that I’m back in LA, I long for another road trip adventure, or at least more time spent in nature. But cheers to the memories and plans for more desert days.


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