New Looks + Creative Projects


Hey, hi, hello! After an unintentional hiatus, I’m back in action with the site’s new look and many brainstorms in process for what’s coming next here.

Over the last few months, I’ve felt stunted by being so swamped with work, conflicting thoughts and feelings. My growth at Create & Cultivate has been thrilling, but I know I also need a personal creative outlet for a balance. Especially now that I’ve made the decision to close the doors of my online clothing brand, Hours Lost.

I need a place to share my thoughts with the masses, as many of my oversharing millennial peers do. Tumblr was my first public platform before I started this blog in 2014, and I became hooked on Twitter and Instagram, utilizing them as microblogs.

I remember when the internet was still fairly new and our parents warned us to not talk to strangers on the internet. Now I chat with “internet friends” on the daily and have befriended a handful in real life! It’s odd to think back to the time when I didn’t have the internet available as a way to share and connect with, and learn from, people from different cities and walks of lives.  I’m very much a community seeker, and online platforms have become great avenues for me to tap into a variety of inspiring circles.

Photo by Shab Ferdowsi

With it being summer, my favorite season, I’m feeling very much in the mood to gather with people for not only summertime hangs, but also to work on new projects, whether the project is my own (this blog) or a friend’s. Stay tuned, readers xx

p.s. my bud Pink Skies released his debut song yesterday and it’s groovy as heck. listen:


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