Drop A Pin: A Day Trip To Ojai

Ojai sounds like a faraway land, but lucky enough for Los Angeles residents like myself it's only a quick 80 mile trip north. Tucked away in the valley of the Topatopa Mountains in Ventura County, this peaceful town is a wonderful way to escape the fast-paced hustle of its nearby cities. Every year my mom [...]

Inflate Me

Inflate me with ego, desire, a new perspective. Lift me when the weight of my fears tie me too close to the ground, as I will for you. I grasp for security in our ebb and flow. And when I rise too high, heartbeat escalating, I dread a pop. Still, I expose and the elastic [...]

In The Quiet

I'll find my voice in the quiet. Everything has been so loud, I lost myself somewhere in the shuffle. Somewhere behind rose-colored glasses. Somewhere in the darkness. Somewhere within you and them. I lost myself when the anxieties of finding myself bewildered me. So I'll turn my volume down a bit. Your volume. Their volume.  Let [...]

New Looks + Creative Projects

Hey, hi, hello! After an unintentional hiatus, I'm back in action with the site's new look and many brainstorms in process for what's coming next here. Over the last few months, I've felt stunted by being so swamped with work, conflicting thoughts and feelings. My growth at Create & Cultivate has been thrilling, but I [...]

Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 4

  I am sprung for spring. Warmer weather is approaching and the sun is up later in the day (three cheers for daylight savings). Soon I'll completely stop wearing three layers to shield myself from winter chill, and you'll find me walking around Echo Park and Silver Lake ogling revived greenery and beautiful blooms. I'm [...]

Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 3

Strange times over here with me and my brain. I've been so busy that when I had an abundance of time for myself last weekend, it made me anxious and my mental health took a nose dive. Completely random. A trillion million percent frustrating. But I always bounce back. Turns out it was necessary for [...]