Desert Days: Palm Springs and Joshua Tree

It was a long time coming, but I finally made it to the desert. After too many weeks of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, I took the opportunity of a visit from my mom to drive us out to Palm Springs for a weekend mother/daughter trip.

I already started feeling more at peace as our scenery changed from congested cities to open land. When we reached a farm of wind mills, I was fully ready for a few days of fresh air, quietness and a change of pace.

First stop, the Ace Hotel for lunch at King’s Highway. Although the two carnitas tacos I got for $15 didn’t blow my mind, the decor of the hotel property made my lil’ hipster heart happy. The Ace wasn’t our home for the weekend, but I was content with walking around and taking this #basic photo.

We filled the rest of our afternoon with exploring the town to find some of the most popular landmarks, walk the shops on Palm Canyon Drive and view some art at one of the Modernism Week exhibits at the Palm Springs Art Museum – Architecture and Design Center. Following the sound of a good time, we stopped by  Las Casuelas Terraza for drinks and live music. The other patrons were unafraid to boogie (my kind of people!), and the restaurant’s chips and guac paired perfectly with my piña colada. I’ve heard the rest of their menu is bomb too.


For day 2 in the desert, we drove about an hour and a half to the White Tank Campground in the Joshua Tree National Park  to explore its Arch Rock trail. This area was a dream playground with incredible rock formations, perfect for climbing on.

We had no cell service throughout Joshua Tree, which was perfect for truly disconnecting from the rest of the world and connecting with each fun moment in nature.

This visit was a huge bucket list item for me, so I took advantage of strolling around the peculiar and infamous yucca brevifolia.

On the trip back to Palm Springs, we took a detour to Pioneer Town in hopes of eating at Pappy and Harriet’s. We opted out of the 2.5 hour wait, and walked around their shops instead, including a used book store in a super cute barn with globe string lights and a little set up for a live band.

Back down in Yucca Valley, I swiftly pulled over after spotting a colorful building which ended up being the home for The End, a thrift store with a ton of fun trinkets and cool clothing items for men and women.

Now that I’m back in LA, I long for another road trip adventure, or at least more time spent in nature. But cheers to the memories and plans for more desert days.

Pre-Dance Yourself Clean Playlist

guys, i just wanna dance

If music is playing, I’m that girl dancing in her seat, swaying while having a conversation, or at least tapping her foot. If there’s a dance party and no one else is dancing, I’ll be the first to say, repeatedly, “Guuuuys, I just wanna dance.” Call me John Travolta. I have Saturday Night Fever as soon as the first beat drops.

This past weekend, my roommate and I had a house warming party, sort of. With our place not the ideal location for hosting large gatherings, we met some of our closest friends at our place, guzzled a few (too many) drinks and headed out to The Satellite for its weekly indie-dance party called Dance Yourself Clean (yes, inspired by LCD Soundsystem).

I believe it’s necessary to have music at social gatherings, so I threw together some jams for the pre-game festivities. After receiving some requests for it, I’ve made the House Warming Playlist public. I like to listen to it on shuffle, so if you wanna do the same, open it up in Spotify, click ‘Playback’ in the menu and select shuffle. Or listen below and enjoy.

Favorite photos of the night:

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FYF Fest: I Was There. Where Were You?

Haim at FYF

“HAIM-ing around” – Ramon Smikle

FYF Fest was my chance to feast my ears and eyes on a couple bands I have fallen in love with this year. Not a bad way to end my summer. I watched some impressive sets, hung out with my pals Ramon and Max, reunited with some Warped Tour family, saw a friend from USC and managed to not get completely robbed by food / merch prices.

Day 1

We started our day with a #FYFVans photo op, sliders from Me So Hungry and observations of crowd management issues the festival was having (more about that later). Then we spent the day checking out vendors and bands.

Where Are You

Who I saw: Chet Faker, Little Dragon, Slowdive, Tycho and Phoenix

Chet Faker

Chet Faker and his rad light show in the Arena.

Tycho was the group we were most excited to see. Although strictly instrumental, they didn’t bore me at all. The band was incredible. Between the sounds they created and the visuals played during their set, it was mesmerizing.

Tycho 1

Tycho at FYF 2

Day 2

As I said above, FYF was having a lot of issues. It took hours for people to get through the entry line, the U shape of the festival made everything too spread out, the entry to the Arena and its stage was overcrowded and only the floor of the arena was open. Impressively, FYF recognized these issues and made changes for Day 2. Despite having my Keep A Breast Klean Kanteen thrown away by a security guard (which FYF is replacing for me – they just emailed me about it), the day was more pleasant.

I bought Tycho’s “Awake” record from Origami Vinyl and got a free tote and Epitaph Records mix tape. Isn’t it pretty?!

Origami Vinyl

I ate my first Donut Friend donut.

Donut Friend

We had some fun at the Air BNB booth by making a gif and playing some childhood games such as four square, corn hole and hop scotch.

Air BNB gif

Four Square

Four Square



Who I saw:

  • Balance and Composure
  • Ryan Hemsworth
  • Tanlines
  • Blood Orange
  • HAIM
  • The Strokes

Balance and Composure

Blood Orange

Blood Orange at sunset

Show buddy

We’re just a couple of live music fans

The Strokes at FYF

The Strokes

Did you go to FYF Fest?
Who was your favorite act?
Leave your comments below.


This One Time At Warped Tour – I Was Charmed By Neck Deep


Neck Deep Boobie Tuesday

It all started with a signing and I Love Boobies socks. I was first introduced to Neck Deep, a pop-punk band from the UK, when we began hosting their meet and greets in the Keep A Breast Girlz Garage. With their goofy wit and accents, I was charmed by them. It was always fun to have them in our tent, whether they were drawing Boobie doodles or sharing stories with us. These mischievous boys always stirred up laughter this summer.

My phone and camera are filled with silly photos of these lads. Here are a couple shots I snapped of the guys (plus Melanie and Ian) during the last two days of tour:

Dani Fil and Ian Dani and Fil - Neck Deep

neck deep 1

They opened for Blink-182 today. How rad is that?

This One Time At Warped Tour – I Felt Human Again

I Felt Human Again

A traveling music festival sounds complicated, but the actual living situation is simple. You’re traveling with a community of people who all joined together to build and maintain a traveling music city. With this kind of adventure comes structure and routine to prevent the city from self-imploding.

For the most part, I think I got the hang of the routine and structure fairly quickly, thanks to the help of the crew I’m rolling with and the new friends I’ve made. Routine makes tour life easier, but definitely not normal.

I brush my teeth outside the bus with a can of tour water. I sleep on a bus with an amount of people that could fill a small college classroom. Not having to shower is considered a successful day. I did my laundry in a hotel bathroom sink the other day.


So when I have the chance to step out of this Warped Tour bubble, I relish in feeling like a “human” again.

Feeling like a human again includes:

  • Taking a shower longer than 5 minutes
  • Getting a manicure for my disgusting broken nails after work destroyed them
  • Eating good food. While sitting down. And not inhaling it in 5 or 10 minutes
  • Sleeping in after multiple 12 hour days
  • Shopping for healthy snacks
  • Seeing buildings, freeways and people that aren’t a part of Warped world
  • Sleeping in a regular bed and not having to worry about falling out of my bunk
  • Brushing my teeth like a normal person
  • Dressing pretty to go out and having friends visit

Vegas with the KAB girls!


My LA gals visited me in Pomona, CA!

Don’t get me wrong. I freaking love being on this tour and I don’t really mind living this kind lifestyle. Stay tuned for more updates for my Warped journey!



This One Time At Warped Tour – A Wind Storm Hit Albuquerque

After a day off in Santa Fe, we woke up in our bus in Albuquerque for the fourth show of the tour. For once, the weather was pleasant and the surrounding area was beautiful. It was nice to have more scenery other than a parking lot or venue filled with stages, trucks and merch booths.
The KAB crew and the rest of bus GG deemed today the first Boobie Tuesday, which means we’ll all wear these sweet I Love Boobies socks once a week.
So, today was running smoothly weather wise, but then there were warnings of a storm. Boom. The wind, dust, rain and thunder struck. We tore our stuff down twice, then got the go ahead to completely breakdown. I deal with iPad surveys, taking photos and other technology-based jobs, so I'm officially the protector of electronics, especially during situations like today.
It wasn’t a major storm, but I sure miss California weather.

This One Time At Warped Tour – I Lived On A Bus With 17 Other People


Working Warped Tour was a dream of mine, so it’s surreal that I’m actually working every date of it. I admit, I was a nervous wreck, but the KAB crew and everyone I’ve met on the tour have been super helpful and friendly. It makes it so much easier to learn the ropes as a newbie roadie. The Warped Tour family bond is a strong one.

Here’s a break down of my typical Warped Tour day:

My days start around 6:30 a.m. (ish). I’m building some serious shoulder and arm muscles by setting up and tearing down the Keep A Breast Girlz Garage booth every day. I encourage people to take our #CheckYourSelfie pledge. I educate kids. I sell merch to kids. I photograph the happenings at the booth. I update Keep A Breast’s social media platforms. It’s a grueling day, but I’m having an incredible experience.

Tour Bus Life:
bus life

I live on a bus with 17 other people. Every morning I brush my teeth using water from a bottle. I climb in and out of a top bunk and store extra clothes under my bunk mat to lessen the amount of times I have to go through my suitcase.

After five days of living like this, I think I have my routine down to make it less complicated to get ready for the day, a shower and for bed.

In addition to embracing tour life, one of the guys bought chocolate milk for everyone and we had a day off today, so I am THRILLED.

Target Saves Lives:

target trips

In two days, we (plus Melanie) went to Target five times. That’s a new record for me. It was right down the street from the Houston venue AND had a Starbucks. Talk about a life saver because the humidity in Texas is no joke. An iced green tea with no sweetener never tasted so good.

More Warped Tour adventure updates to come!

Off To The Vans Warped Tour I Go

Storage Space

Moving and packing are two of my least favorite things to do. Unfortunately, it had to be done. I moved out of my Los Angeles home, filled a storage space, packed my car to take the rest of my belongings to my family’s house, and then packed one suitcase and a backpack for Warped Tour. Just ONE suitcase for seven weeks. I’ve been quite stressed.

But now I’m off! Currently, I’m sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to San Diego and then Houston (Pre-TSA is freaking sweet by the way).

I’m hoping to update you on my Warped Tour adventures. I will be working as a Digital Media Manager for the Keep A Breast Foundation‘s Traveling Education Booth. Make sure to follow all of KAB’s social accounts and I’ll be updating my Twitter and Instagram frequently!

If you’re attending Warped, make sure to stop by the KAB Girlz Garage to say hi!

Solid Investment: #GIRLBOSS by Nasty Gal Founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso


“Sophia’s a badass bitch and she’ll always be a badass bitch!” That I’ve managed to build a company where an assistant feels comfortable calling the CEO a badass bitch in a room full of senior executives is pretty amazing. – Sophia Amoruso in “#GIRLBOSS

I needed this book, and I don’t know your life, but so do you. As soon as I opened the cover, BAM, it jumped at me, kicked my mental walls down and convinced me that I too could be a successful badass bitch. I mean, #GIRLBOSS.

In her refreshing, “tell it like it is” memoir, Sophia Amoruso delivers a story about her trek from dumpster diver to CEO of a $100 million company. It’s a book told in a manner suitable for any sort of character at any point in their life. From her “crust punk” days to developing a store via eBay to becoming the incarnation of what Nasty Gal has become and will be, her journey is worth knowing about.

#GIRLBOSSes understand the importance of saving their money, how to wear multiple vocational hats, and the proper way to hire, fire and get employed.

#GIRLBOSSes are able to charge through adversity, earn respect and play clean, not dirty. They wear what they want and wear it well. They are genuine and own their individuality.

The nuggets of advice are plentiful in #GIRLBOSS, but here are a few teasers from the book:

– There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.

– Take care of the little things – even the little things that you hate – and treat them as promises to your own future. Soon you’ll see that fortune favors the bold who get shit done.

– You have to kick people out of your head as forcefully as you’d kick someone out of your house if you don’t want them there.

– You create the world, blink by blink. It is entirely yours to discover and yours to create.

– When life hits you with something unexpected, you have to be prepared to hit right back.

– Compete with yourself, not with others.

These quotes merely scratch the surface of the #RealTalk Amoruso dishes out. #GIRLBOSS is a solid investment for those who want to take responsibility of their lives and strive to slam down mediocrity.

What Do You Mean A Disposable Film Festival?


When I first heard about the Disposable Film Festival, hosted in San Francisco at the Castro Theater, I instantly turned to Google to figure out exactly what it was. I couldn’t stop imagining disposable cameras somehow churning out films. I was both confused and wrong.

The Disposable Film Festival showcases competitive shorts made with low-cost, everyday technology, including, but not limited to, DSLRs, mobile phones, pocket cameras and even Google Glass (which, I’m not too sure how low-cost or everyday Google Glass is, but it’s nontraditional).


This year’s festival featured heartfelt documentaries, kooky animations and mix media flicks. Sunday was the last screening day, so the shorts aren’t on Vimeo yet, but take a look at the 2013 short films.

Would you be interested in submitting your work?
The deadline for 2015 has passed, but bookmark this submission page for future reference!