Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 6

Photo by Chloe White
Sometimes I think about my music listening history, from middle school days through this very moment, and I find it so fun to see how my taste has evolved. It’s even more fun to revisit old songs I used to play in a loop on my iPod (whoa, ancient) and realize I can still sing almost every word (prime example: the entire “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” album).

I grew up on jazz and funk oldies with my mom. Fell in love with N*SYNC in elementary school. Danced to Bay Area hip hop in middle school. Turned emo in high school and went full on indie hipster in college. I’ve explored plenty of different genres, never disowning a “phase,” because they weren’t phases. Each genre represents a different part of my personality, a mood, a period of my life, and so on. 

Photo by Chloe White

Lately, I bounce mostly between a lot of alt-R&B, indie rock, hip-hop and dark pop. What I’m listening to always depends on my mood, who I’m with and my environment. See below for a blend of what I’ve been listening to the last few weeks. I was fortunate to see three of the artists live in the past two weeks (Glass Animals, Paramore and Chance The Rapper). Honestly, still blown away by each experience.

What songs and artists have you been vibing with lately? Tell me all about them in the comments section!


Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 5

Photo by Courtney Coles
yung j is back with the jams, and I’ve missed sharing music with you! Stay tuned for the continuation of this playlist series, and I’m also starting to scheme up a couple of other fun music series and features.

This volume features artists I’ve been blasting through my stereo all summer. I could have chosen to put “Despacito,” a new summer favorite, on this playlist 11 times, but I figure variety is a good way to go, right?

Listen below and find your vibe in this summer heat. Would also love to hear about your current favorite artists and/or songs in the comments xx

Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 4

Photo by Conner Frey


I am sprung for spring. Warmer weather is approaching and the sun is up later in the day (three cheers for daylight savings). Soon I’ll completely stop wearing three layers to shield myself from winter chill, and you’ll find me walking around Echo Park and Silver Lake ogling revived greenery and beautiful blooms. I’m feeling the effects of this seasonal change. Life feels brighter.

I haven’t been the happiest person the last couple of months, and took time away from people to identify how to deal with this. But today I feel good. Life is moving forward, and I’m along for the ride to new destinations, new adventures, new people, and a new perspective. Keep up with the journey on my Instagram where I post much more frequently!

Now for the tunes. Do as I do and hit play, dance around your apartment, and listen closely to the lyrics, especially the first song “Different Now” by Chasity Belt. I relate to every single line of it.

Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 3

Strange times over here with me and my brain. I’ve been so busy that when I had an abundance of time for myself last weekend, it made me anxious and my mental health took a nose dive. Completely random. A trillion million percent frustrating.

But I always bounce back.

Turns out it was necessary for me to have a quiet weekend, where I could really relax and sort out my life after being on the go for a few weeks. I visited some of my favorite neighborhoods, read more, watched more of Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica and Ross for the laughs, and danced while cooking some new receipes.

I also thank the ridiculousness of Twitter during the Oscars for making me LOL, pulling my Debbie Downer self back up.

This volume of the playlist series is a bit moody, but then again, that’s typically the kind of music I listen to anyway. Enjoy the feels.

Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 2

I spend approximately a total of four episodes of Master of None in my car when I commute to/from work. Not ideal, but I deal.

As an avid music consumer, music in my car is essential to drown out the bustle around my little 1997 getaway ride.

It’s no secret I’ve been listening to the new MUNA album, About U, often. I’m constantly blasting it from my car with the windows down and you can find many tweets about them on my feed. I don’t really plan on shutting up about the band or their album any time soon because it’s a masterpiece. It’s healing.

Of course I still listen to other artists. I’m not in THAT much of a MUNA trance.

Here’s volume 2 of my Girl Put Your Records On playlist series, featuring TRACE, isle&fever, Frank Ocean, Thundercat, and more.

Girl Put Your Records On : Volume 1

You know that moment when YOUR song comes on and you can’t help but groove along? Or it’s one that has you completely up in your feels? I have multiple of these. You can definitely catch me yelling, “THIS IS MY JAM,” on more than one occasion during a party.

This new playlist series isn’t aimed to be nostalgic, but instead music (new and old) I’m vibing with REAL hard.

Check out volume 1 below, and as always, share music with me in the comments section.