Girl Put Your Records On: Volume 6

Photo by Chloe White
Sometimes I think about my music listening history, from middle school days through this very moment, and I find it so fun to see how my taste has evolved. It’s even more fun to revisit old songs I used to play in a loop on my iPod (whoa, ancient) and realize I can still sing almost every word (prime example: the entire “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” album).

I grew up on jazz and funk oldies with my mom. Fell in love with N*SYNC in elementary school. Danced to Bay Area hip hop in middle school. Turned emo in high school and went full on indie hipster in college. I’ve explored plenty of different genres, never disowning a “phase,” because they weren’t phases. Each genre represents a different part of my personality, a mood, a period of my life, and so on. 

Photo by Chloe White

Lately, I bounce mostly between a lot of alt-R&B, indie rock, hip-hop and dark pop. What I’m listening to always depends on my mood, who I’m with and my environment. See below for a blend of what I’ve been listening to the last few weeks. I was fortunate to see three of the artists live in the past two weeks (Glass Animals, Paramore and Chance The Rapper). Honestly, still blown away by each experience.

What songs and artists have you been vibing with lately? Tell me all about them in the comments section!


Honey, Honey

Honey, honey. I will rise.

I feel on track and in tune with my inner momentum. You see, I’ve been stuck on carousels for a while. Up and down. Round and round. Stuck in a feeling.

Stuck has become one of my least favorite words. I never want to feel that way. It’s an absurd way to live life because as a human I have this incredible power of better choices, change and movement. Let’s always be moving forward, upward, sideways, and never backward or nowhere.

The beauty of analyzing the past comes with epiphanies. The “ah-ha!” moments. The “wow, why the heck did i do/say that??” moments. I’m trying more diligently to put lessons I’ve learned to proper use. I’d like to let go of a lot, while still nurturing an open enough heart and mind to let people, feelings and ideas in. 

New creative projects are in the works. Confidence in my authentic self is at an all time high. I’ve reached a new comfortable level of ambivert, which has me feeling so lifted I wake up with less anxiety and more excitement. With people or with just me, I am happy.

This is not to say I magically waved away all sinking feelings. But right now I feel balanced. Although often perceived as weakness,  I accept my softness, my sensitivity. They can be assets, just as much as my ability to be strong-willed and tough. Resilience is a major key. 

Honey, honey. I will rise.

Drop A Pin: A Day Trip To Ojai

Ojai sounds like a faraway land, but lucky enough for Los Angeles residents like myself it’s only a quick 80 mile trip north. Tucked away in the valley of the Topatopa Mountains in Ventura County, this peaceful town is a wonderful way to escape the fast-paced hustle of its nearby cities.

Every year my mom and I spend her birthday weekend exploring new places. Last year was Catalina Island, Oceanside and San Diego. 2015 was a cruise to Mexico. This year, Ojai was the little oasis we’d been eager to visit. 

After reading several Ojai guides on Pinterest (by the way, such a great resource for travel tips), I made a bucket list for all the stops we could make within a morning and afternoon. 

First was East Ojai Avenue, home to mom and pop shops, delicious eateries like AZU Restaurant and Ojai Vallery Brewery, art galleries and spanish-style buildings. 

Moving away from the main road, we followed signs for the Ojai Makers Market. It wasn’t quite like the large fairs I’m used to (Renegade Craft Fair, Unique LA, etc). It was much more quaint, with a handful of vendors selling soaps, felt bags, photo prints and other knick knacks. 

I picked up a bouquet of lavender for my apartment and my mom scored some locally made soaps. 

On the way back to the main area of town, we stopped by an old gas station that was turned into a cute shop called Summer Camp. With a great amount of plants and home decor, I wish I could have transferred everything to my own home.

I had to make a stop at Ojai Rancho Inn as well, after seeing photos from my boss’ wedding. One day I’ll be cool enough to stay for a night and take a dip in their pool. 

I heard that Bart’s Books is a must see place of Ojai and I have to agree. The outdoor bookstore was so charming. I felt like Belle stepping into Beast’s home library for the first time. 

Because I was overwhelmed by the number of books available, I picked four random ones, 50 cents each, based on their titles and blank covers (oops, I judged some books by their colors and bindings). Either they’ll be good reads or fun decor pieces!

To end our trip, we stopped by the gorgeous Tipple and Ramble to have a glass of sparkling rosé and enjoy a few more relaxing moments before the drive back to LA. I legit fell asleep for a couple of minutes because of how chill the vibe was. 

So where to next? Keep an eye out for the next pin I drop.

2017 Vibes: Mood Board + Playlist

Every year there are several moments when I plan to turn right, and then life is like “tut tut, we’re going left instead.” There is no way in telling what my life will be like in 3 months, 3 weeks, or hell, I don’t even know what 3 hours from now could hold for me. All I can do is hope for the best and make moves. I’m a planner so the uncertainty can feel a little uneasy, but I’m learning to take things on as they come.

By Navucko

I purchased my first instant camera yesterday, and I like that it’s an unpredictable tool. What I snap is what I’m going to get. I’m calling her Patsy. She lives in the moment, wears a glitter case and I adore her already.

Here are some photos I took yesterday at the Beating Lights kick off show in East Hollywood. Great jams, good company and the best vibes.

Tea time with Nikita and Ray
Expect to see me in fishnets more often
Family Hahas
With Courtney
Mandla of Ugly Sweaters

I put together a 2k17 mood board on Pinterest and playlist (below) to set the tone for this year. Maybe if I put a bit of my spirit, hopes and desires out there, some of it will stick.

Stay Home Club and Sad Songs

sad songs

I love sad songs. I’m a fan of melancholic sounds and lyrics, not because I like to be unhappy, but because it’s necessary to experience sadness. We don’t just feel this emotion. We live through it, we learn from it, and we grow because of it. With themes varying from death, to a broken relationship, to the feeling of being lost, sad songs are there as a shoulder to cry on. They become soundtracks for our disappointments.

For a while, I’ve wanted to buy a print or shirt from Stay Home Club, a brand for the disgruntled, but could never decide on a favorite item. When they added a “Sad Songs” two-tone tee to its online store, I purchased it immediately. It was partially an impulse buy, but I’m happy (hah!) and in love with it.

You can’t have a sad songs blog without a sad songs playlist. Title inspired by Stay Home Club. Listen below or here.

Summer of Stoke

Summer of Stoke

Stoked, a surfer slang term that originated in the ’60s, is one of my favorite words to express my enthusiasm for something.

Right now, I’m stoked about: traveling North America with Warped Tour / stepping out of my comfort zone / discovering new bands / meeting new people.

Los Angeles-based apparel brand The Times is embracing a summer of stoke with a new collection and I’m very excited to be sporting a piece of it this summer. I hope to take a variety of photos of myself in it while I’m busy being a tour gypsy. For now, here are a few snaps of me in The Times “Stoked” tee.

Summer of Stoke

BUY HERE / #summerofstoke / Instagram: @thesearethetimes

What are you stoked about? Comment below.